Welcome to Thai Cooking School online, we are a culinary brand to help all food lovers, cooks, and families to enjoy delicious Thai cuisines. With cooking classes, tutorials, and a rich profile of recipes, you and your loved ones can become better cooks, while also adding variety to your kitchen. Those who are tired of eating out every day, those who just started trying to learn Thai cooking from scratch, or want to enlarge choice of cooking Thai food and want to try new things. We hear you!

We know Thai cuisine is a new thing for you and it requires understanding ingredients and methods of cooking with the utmost attention and care. Without worries, you have come to the right place and we are here to help with all of that. We will make the process as convenient and as simple as it can be.

Who we are

Thai Cooking School Online was founded with the passion to share home-cooking of Thai food experience and knowledge to the World. It started out with the focus on those who have busy schedules, difficulty in following a shopping list and plan, and enthusiasts seeking to learn more about the Thai culture and its cuisines.

With the creativity to be the reference point for home cooking Thai cuisines all over the world and to help you become a better home cook with our online content.

Are you ready to become a better cook at Thai food?

You’ll find our recent milestone of this school is “ 46 Best Thai Food Easy Recipes Eat Like Thai.”, an easy-going 6 hours course that teaches you how to cook popular Thai food as everyday meal home cook. The course is for all levels. It’s perfect if you are a beginner. And you will move to the next level if you are already familiar with Thai cooking.  

Why our cooking classes online?

  • Our instructor is Thai with intensive experience in Thai Cooking and lives in Thailand.
  • With the kick-off course of this school, you learn a mouth-watering 46 recipes in one course. This statistic is unrivalled.
  • The recipes are easy to learn and carry out. They are delicious and inexpensive to prepare.
  • We are interested in the lives of our clients, so we offer solutions to a busy schedule
  • We teach our students how to cook authentic Thai food in their homes. The courses involve more than just cooking. You also learn to eat like a Thai, and you know all the basics of Asian herbs as well. 
  • The course is lifetime access. You can revisit our course whenever you want or feel that you forgot something.
  • You can learn anytime you want. learn anytime you want
  • The course provides clear and simple instruction which is easy to follow.
  • The course provides recipe charts with ingredient quantities.

About Tipyapar Pla

I am the founder, an online course creator and an instructor.

I am a veteran cooking and computer tutor with well over two invaluable decades of home cooking experience. I am passionate about sharing my experience and knowledge through education online.

My journey into Thai cooking stems from my family’s love of eating! I started cooking as a little girl at home in Thailand. When my mom prepared our family meals, I used to always be around assisting her. At the age of 14, I took over the family kitchen because my mom started to be ill and she cooked less. I developed my cooking skills based on the knowledge I learn from my family.

As a former corporate executive, I know exactly the feeling of having a busy schedule and extracting those extra hours to plan meals, do shopping and cook fast yet still healthy and fresh recipes that my family enjoys. With these years of experience in home cooking, I have adapted and learn a lot about cooking Thai recipes and coming up with unique ways to customize them in a wonderful manner which I have the passion to share with you the secret of a great meal planning based on core ingredients and authentic. The tasty Thai recipes that spice up your meal plan with just enough preparation.

Remember that amazing Thai dish you had at the best restaurant or food truck in your town? Well, you should be advised you won’t wish to go out for dinner again after you try out these secrets. If you are ready to begin, you will find me in the kitchen, ready to help. Ready? Alright, let’s go!