Pad Thai Cooking Class

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Are you sitting idly in front of your television watching Thai restaurant reviews with drools coming out of your mouth?

Does your mouth water whenever you see Pad Thai food but you don’t know how to make it? And yet you still want to make something yummy, healthy and homy for your loved ones instead of ordering it online with a click.

Or you’ve tried making it but it just doesn’t satisfy you?

Take a deep breath ….

With our special offer !

We provide the absolute best Pad Thai Cooking Classes you can get online with downloadable recipe-eBook that make it easily accessible for you to use anytime.

If you love Thai Food and you have ever cooked Pad Thai but didn’t get the result like you eat at a restaurant or while eating during your trip in Thailand.

  • You never get the taste right, not even close.
  • Your stir-fry noodles is soggy and the noodles is cut to small pieces.
  • When you finish cooking your noodles stir fry is chewy, sticky catching in roll together, difficult to eat.

This course will help you achieve perfection and detail, just like traditional Pad Thai makers.

What You’ll Learn From Pad Thai Cooking Course:

  • Learning step by step to cook Pad Thai
  • Learning to use dried rice noodles for cooking
  • Advance Thai cooking skill with learning how to cook variety of Pad Thai recipes
  • Learning about main ingredients for Pad Thai
  • Learning how to make Pad Thai Sauce which is popular method of cooking in Thailand
  • Learning how to cook traditional Pad Thai
  • Learning about Tamarind and how to make Tamarind paste or sauce for cooking
  • Learning tips to cook Pad Thai dishes
  • Learning step by step to make authentic chili flakes and grounded peanuts Thai style with top tips.

Now, It’s your turn to shine.

Leave your television remote, say goodbye to hard recipes and, start enhancing your Pad Thai skills.

Sign-up now and we will see you SOON!